Dear customers,
Welcome to Mini Art Apartment

We would like to inform you that our accommodation establishment is fully in line with the special health protocols, on which tourism enterprises rely to take measures against the coronavirus COVID-19, as laid down in the Joint Ministerial Decision no. 1881/29.5.2020 by the Ministries of Finance, Health and Tourism (Greek Government Gazette 2084 B / 29-5-2020).

All members of the accommodation staff have received the necessary training to comply with the health protocols.

The accommodation establishment has obtained the Health First certification seal from the Ministry of Tourism, indicating that the operation complies with all health protocols.

In our attempt to adapt to the new circumstances brought by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, we ask for your understanding and compliance with the measures applied to prevent the COVID-19 coronavirus transmission. We would like to inform you that the operation bears no liability against any person, relating directly or indirectly to the coronavirus COVID-19, since we comply with the special health protocols and bear the Health First certification seal (Article 60 (5) of Law 4688/24-5-2020). On behalf of the Mini Art Apartment Management, we wish you a pleasant and safe stay!

The accommodation has taken all legal protection measures for Covid 19, as well as has the Health First certificate.
Ιn all public areas there are hand sanitising disinfectants as well as indications for the observance of safety rules. Also in each room there are hand sanitising disinfectants, masks and what is required by law.
Μaking to remind customers to keep their distance in all public areas.
Dont allow visitors in our apartments to avoid crowds.
After each departure the apartments are cleaned and disinfected with approved cleaner liquids.
The staff has taken all protection measures for all of us and also all measures in case of an outbreak.
We have auto Check-in and Check-out.