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 Gerani is a small seaside village located 13 km west of the
city of Chania, near Platanias. The beach in front of
the village is 2.5 km long and has lovely sand and clear waters.
There are plenty of umbrellas, showers, bars. There are also lifeguards on the beach. The beach is a great choice for family vacations, but also for those who want to be isolated as there are some points along the coast that have less people
and are not organized.

Also on the beach of Gerani, in the sand, the sea turtle Caretta Caretta visits to lay eggs. The spawning period is from May until June and
special care must be taken in the evenings for not distubi the nest. Archelon Organisation is the organisation that protects the turtles.

 Οn the beaches of Gerani you can find the
Pancratium maritimum a beautiful lily that
grows in Cretan beaches. Unfortunately,
in recent years its appearance has
been limited to a few beaches, due to the
shrinkage of the dunes it grows.

Nowadays, the lilies are considered to be protected species and is protected by Greek and international legislation. Ιt does not need care to survive, neither water. All you need is to be careful and not step on it.


 We have for our customers packets incloud transfer,personal guide,tickets in some attractions and tea break also in some attractions.For more information feel free to contact with us

Chania Old Town


3 hours walking City Tour with your private Licensed Guide and discover the highlights and hidden treasures of the second biggest of Crete - Chania. 
Be able to ask everything you just wanted to know and explore the places of your interest with the guiding of a local expert. 
Avoid queues and arrange your own route depending on your personal interests. 
Built your own excursion group with your family or friends and determine your meeting time according to your plan.

Elafonisi Beach


Day-trip to Elafonissi Island.
 Travel by air-conditioned coach to the west side of Crete on a full-day trip. 
Spend time at leisure on Elafonissi Island, admiring its rare flora and fauna or swimming in the sea .

Balos & Gramvousa

Neon-blue lagoon at the paradise island of Gramvousa
Spend time at leisure, swimming, sunbathing or exploring the island 
 Explore Imeri Gramvousa fortress with your guide and then visit Balos Lagoon  Informative tour & history of a one-time pirate hideout
Includes: Coach, escort, boat tickets Excludes: Entrance fees to Gramvousa 1€, Lunch (possibility to buy on board)

Samaria Gorge

A 10-mile (16-km) hike through the stunning Samaria Gorge, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve 
 Learn about the history of the area from an expert local guide 
Hike for 6 hours through a limestone gorge Walk to a village otherwise accessible only by boat 
Includes hotel pickup and drop-off
Includes: Coach, escort, tea at Omalos Excludes: Food, Entrances (Extras: Adults entrance 5,00€, Boat Transfer: 11,00€ /Children 6€ )

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